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How To Germinate Lychee Seeds With Paper Towel


How To Sprout Lychee Seeds With Paper Towel Method

How To Germinate Lychee Seeds With Paper Towel is a really nice topic in a gardening relatedsubject.

most of use just eat the lychee and throw the seed but we ever think
that this small seed have a whole life in it which can later become a
tree.here is the guided instructions on growing lychee from seed With Paper

growing lychee from seed
How to Grow Lychee seeds germination

meanwhile if we plant this seed in the soil it will take around 3 weeks to
start germination but there is a really nice and simple method to grow the
seed in just 1 week.

Paper Towel Method

which is paper towel method in this method we have to place the seeds in the
wet paper towel and place it in a plastic container then place that container
in a dark warm place then it will start germinating.

In this process we can clearly see the growth level of the seed and also
monitor. if any seed is gone bad or get fungi that’s why we are putting the
seeds in a separate space around 2 inches apart all seeds to ensure other
seeds don’t caught fungi.

the Germinate Lychee Seeds with paper towel guide is written below in
detailed instructions.

Step 1

Take out the lychee seed from the lychee fruit afterward place it in the
water for 1 hour , take it out of water and wash it thoroughly.

Step 2

Place the lychee seed over the paper towel and sprinkle water all over the
use just enough water to wet it don’t over water it seed may go bad.(if over
water the lychee seed then the germination will not start working because it
need only a sprinkle of water to start.

Step 3

Fold the paper while the lychee seed is in the center towel 2 to 3 times in
square shape and place in a polythene bag and close the entry point with a
staple or a cloth clipper.

Step 4

Place the polythene bag in a dark and warm place like over the cupboard or a

Step 5

Check out it after after 3 days if the paper towel feels dry then sprinkle
some water.

on the 7 day if you get lucky you will find a green root is shooting from the

if it is small it need some more time but it grows about 2 inches then it is
time to plant that seed in a mix soil.

Step 6

Mix a half fertilizer and soil place in the well drain pot or cup and place
the seed in horizontal position as it is root goes in the soil.

when the root grow in the soil it will start grow it leaves right from there
to the top.

Step 7

Place the pot in the shaded sun area and keep watering it 2 times a day in
that the soil stay wet.

This How To Germinate Lychee Seeds With Paper Towel and more of this kind of tutorial are available on this website page of Gardening.